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Below examples of products we are producing. In cooperation with our customers, however, we are constantly developing new products with our various production techniques.

Structures on glass (Chrome on glass)


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Prisms and special lenses

Abbe prismsDove prisms90' prismsPentaprismsSemi-pentaprismsAmici prismsRhomboid prismsBeam splittersParallel platesOptical wedges (to…

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Precision Formed metal tubes and polished precision tubes

The Tubes having a wall thickness of 0.025 to 1…

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Mechanical engineered products

Micro-stamped productsPrecision machined products (up to 16 mm. diameter)

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High vacuum and sputtered coatings (on glass and plastics)

Antireflection coatingsMirrors (dielectric and metallic)Filters (e.g. red-free filters)Beamsplitters (dielectric coatings)Special…

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Encoder disks (Incremental and absolute)

Nickel (electroformed) - line width tolerance  + 0.010 mm  Mylar…

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Electroforming and etching products

Electroformed precision productsExamples: Encoder Discs, Optical Slits, Apertures and Targets,…

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